[Home brewing method of persimmon wine]_How to brew_How to brew

[Home brewing method of persimmon wine]_How to brew_How to brew

Persimmon is a common food in life. This kind of food contains rich nutrients. In addition to eating persimmon directly, it can also be used to make many delicious foods, and even people use persimmon to make wine.

The taste of persimmon wine is more fragrant and has certain nutritional effects on the human body. It can also be brewed at home.

For the purest taste, we must also pay attention to the method of making persimmon wine.


Method one: After washing the green persimmon, peel off the skin, cut into thick slices or lumps, and pick out the persimmon kernels and throw them away.

The cut persimmon slices are poured into a clean jar of sparkling wine, added with rock sugar and high-grade liquor, soaked for more than 1 month after sealing.

It is best to use high-grade liquor such as sorghum, fen or Erguotou for soaking high-grade liquor. The liquor taste of this kind of liquor is pure without odor.


Method 2 Peel the fresh persimmon and cut into 4 pieces?
6 tablets.

Then put the persimmons into the container, add rice wine and sugar.

If it is not sweet enough, you can add sugar.

After 1 month, the persimmons were deformed, the container was opened, and the persimmons were filtered out with a cloth.

Then seal the entrance, put it in a cool place, and replace it after storing for 1 month.


Note that the appearance of the wine must be transparent, so clarification is required.

The lower glue clarification is to add one or several organic or inorganic insoluble ingredients to the wine to make colloidal precipitates in the liquor, and remove the particulate matter suspended in the wine.

The glue material can be gelatin, fish gelatin, casein, bentonite, etc.

The amount is determined by small experiments.

When the glue is applied, the material is quickly mixed with the wine to disperse it into the whole barrel of liquor.

Adhesive clarification and filtration should be performed in combination to gradually improve the clarification effect.